Iconography Presentations

Iconographer Katerina Papaioanou will be conducting demonstrations and presenting lectures on the ancient Christian art of Icon writing. Katerina will discuss the history and theology of Icon writing and the characteristics of the iconographer.

Icons on Rocks
Most icons found today are either murals on the walls of Orthodox Churches or portable icons done on wooden panels found in churches or homes. According to theology and ecclesiastic tradition, the iconographer decides what to paint and where to paint it.

Uniquely, Katerina paints many icons on rocks. She allows the natural form and color of the rock to communicate to her the best image to be represented on it. For example, a smooth white marble rock is perfect to represent the Holy Virgin Mother. The white representing her purity and the smoothness and the gentle curve of the rock representing tenderness and motherly qualities.

As a result, if Katerina and the natural form of the rock have communicated to each other correctly, the story and theology of the icon can be expressed even more intensely than a panel or mural icon.

About our Iconographer
Katerina Tsigas-Papaioanou has studied iconography and design for several years. Upon graduating from Parson's School of Design in New York City, she worked as a designer in Manhattan, and then traveled to Greece in 1988. There, Katerina began her study and career in iconography with teacher, iconographer and painter, Kosta Tsilsavides of Thessaloniki.

She feels that her pursuit of the art of iconography was a calling from God. She continues to use her graphic design skills in her iconography, allowing her to be more sensitive to the organization and development of the icon,- that is, to have more of a relationship with its surroundings (architecture, lighting, color, and the community) without sacrificing theology, style, and technique. For more information or to order a hand painted icon, framed icon print, icon cards, icon night light or buttons, please call or write:

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